Buying an Apartment in Randburg


Randburg is a residential town with a very small population in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. It is a suburb of Johannesburg, and there are no heavy industries, but there are numerous light industrial including printing plants, organ-building and small engineering machinery.  Instead, Randburg relies on being a garden city with many parks.

Want to try a different hamburger? Go to the nearest restaurant or tavern and try an ostrich burger infused with butternut squash and cucumbers. Make sure to wash it down with a craft beer such as Jack Black or Van Hunks. If you are looking for cultural activities, make sure that you visit the Apartheid Museum and the Wits Museum of African Art. At Constitution Hall, the 27 clauses are carved into the massive doors leading into the court.

Dig your way into the past by visiting a working mine 225 meters below the earth at Gold Reef City. Play with the animals at Lion Park, where you can enter the cages and pet the lion cubs. One of the most enticing things to do in Randburg is to visit the Waterfront. There is a man-made lagoon surround by over restaurants, boutiques, flea markets and a farmer’s market. Carousals, theatres, taverns and a swimming golf course make up the rest of the area.

Finish off your stay by visiting The Sands. This is where everyone goes to party. Eat, drink and dance the night away to local entertainment. Randburg is an up and coming city where the past and the present have been merged to make for an exciting day or weekend stay. This is why properties are so popular in this area. Randburg offers a variety of luxurious apartment offerings and this is why it’s so popular among property investors.

A luxurious property in Randburg can offer you the ability to stay in a beautiful apartment, while being close to business centres and all major routes leading in and out of the city. This is why this area is perfect for business executives that love to travel. You can also choose to buy your own apartment, especially if you are a  business professional or a young couple, as this offers the perfect stepping stone for first time buyers looking for a luxury apartment in the Johannesburg area.

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