Green Smoothies – Understanding Benefits for Healthy Body

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

Who does not enjoy smoothies? And if they are fruit smoothies then nothing like it. All of us like to have smoothies but most of us prefer fruits, berries etc. have we ever tried adding a pinch of green to our smoothie – it may sound unappealing but the benefits are tremendous. Just try adding a small bunch of fresh spinach to your banana smoothie and see the difference. There are many positive side effects of having the green smoothie. Most of the smoothies should be preferably made using soy milk especially women they benefit a lot from soy milk. Hence make sure that you prepare your smoothies using soy milk. In case you are giving the smoothies to children then you should give them in normal milk otherwise they may find problems to digest.

Here are some of the benefits of having green smoothies in your diet –

• When you have more of greens in your smoothies it enables better digestion and there is less of constipation.

• The nutritional cells present in the green veggies and fruits are easily liquefied and hence provide faster nutrients to the body. The nutrients are easily absorbed by the body.

• All of us have the craving for having sugar generally after our meals but with greens in your smoothies it reduces the craving for sugar. The cravings for sugar are fulfilled by the fruits and vegetables available in the smoothies. Hence your body get the all the required nutrients.

The best kind of green smoothie –

The concept of green smoothies is a massive success amongst a large amount of people. There is a large category of people who are obese and overweight and thus require a control on diet and exercise. It is thus recommended to make healthy and useful diet plan for such people to consume vegetables and fruits instead of complex carbohydrates and fats. A green smoothies has a a good amount of protein from vegetables and fruits and a generous amount of fat which is required for the body.

The best green smoothie –

Most people have a query that how to make a green smoothie? There are numerous answers available to this query with the internet being flooded with recipes. Yet in order to best answer this query how to make a green smoothie a person should know the recipe of the basic spinach smoothie. This smoothie is best for a pretty workout meal. It requires spinach, almond milk, banana, apple and rolled oats. For a good taste 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and just half a teaspoon of cinnamon will be fine.

Directions to make –

For this smoothie it is best for you to first blend almond milk and spinach. 2 cups of spinach with 2 cups of almond milk is best but it should not be having artificial sweeteners. One banana and one apple with 1/3 cup oats should be added afterwards. Once everything is blended to the right consistency, this drink is ready.