What Kinds Of Cigar Accessories Are Essential For A Cigar Smoker

Cigar or Acid cigars smoking is not merely about the personal choice with the wide variety of this smoking indulgence, it also includes many accessories and the knowledge of their use. There are couple of essential accessories that every cigar smoker must own and may be make a collection of them as well. This is being insisted by majority of the cigar aficionados, who themselves have an incredibly huge collection of various cigar related accessories. But before the accessories, one must truly know his cigars and their different kinds. Furthermore, this information related to cigar must not be limited to it only but it should include the drinks as well as food that best increase the flavour of cigars and compliment them.


Here are some of the essential cigar accessories that one must have; mandatorily.

  1. Humidor: If someone is in a habit of buying and storing cigars for some time before smoking them, then they better get themselves a cigar humidor. These are mostly wooden boxes that are meant to keep the cigar in an air-tight container, while providing them the right kind of temperature and humidity that they need in order to remain fresh. Without that cigar can become stale or dry. Most of the humidors hold anywhere from 10 cigars to 30 cigars. Custom humidors can hold more cigars than the readymade ones.
  2. Cigar holder: This is essential for the cigar to not get dirty or crushed, while smoking them. A cigar holder can hold anywhere from one cigar to three and more. This is a necessary part of the accessory for a regular cigar smoker.
  3. Cutter: Every cigar needs to be cut in order to smoke; exceptions are only with the machine made cigars that are ready to be smoked. The best cutters are of stainless steel that has double blades. These cutters usually have extremely sharp blades and one must take caution while using them. Guillotine design of cigar cutters are the most easy and practical cutter that one may buy to use. They always come in practical and compact shape.
  4. Cigar punches: These are meant to make a good puncture in the cigar’s puffing end to allow the smoke a passage. These can only be used on wider cigars and never on thin cigars. Because of their classy and compact design they are the favourite of many cigar smokers.
  5. Cigar lighters: Though match stick is the best source of lighting a cigar because it has no odour once it has been lit, which doesn’t affect the quality of smoke. However some lighters are only meant for lighting cigars because they are packed with odourless fuel. Some of these cigar lighters also have in-built cigar cutters, which make them a perfect cigar accessory to buy and own.

All the above accessories are available in different design, material, size, shape and colours. All of them go very well with Acid cigars and other varieties of classic cigars of the old times.