5 Unbeatable Office Wear Trends for Summer

Sunny days are here! The temperatures are soaring. Minimal is the way to go. Shorts and tees are what we swear by too. But what about settings and occasions that demand dressing up, even in summers? Well, dress up but do it smart, stylish and most importantly super comfortable. In this post we give you a low-down on how to look formal and up for the job, and yet feel relaxed and comfortable in your office wear. Trust me you do not need to spend hours deciding what to wear. Just follow these simple guidelines and be office-ready this summer.

Give the Chinos a Change

We all know what a nice fitted pair of chinos can do for a man. This versatile type of pants in lighter fabrics is a brilliant option for summer. It can take you from the desk to the date. But, be different from the crowd while doing office- casual this summer. Cuff up the chinos. J Crew’s Muyttjens says, roll the cuffs of the chinos twice or once and then again in the front for a cooler touch. The idea is your ankle should show. Yes! Exposing the mankles is trending this year too. Give the socks a miss and opt for deck shoes. They are classier than flip-flops, yet apt for work. Going sock-free will keep you cooler too.

Suit up in Lighter Shades

Suits are the all-season clothing of formal wear. While they are a blessing in winters, you cannot reject them in summers either. So how do you make suits work as office wear in summers? Picking up suits in lighter fabrics and shades is the key. Beige, tan, light green tailor fitted suits with ankle length pants gets thumbs- up from us all the way. They are hot this summer and will make you look suave and sleek. Team these up with linen and cotton shirts to create a perfect business look.

Not only will these lighter colored suits be a good addition to your business wardrobe, but they can help you to make your summer casuals look more funky and edgy too. Think of it this way. Give the pants a miss and team the jacket up with sailor T-shirts and shorts. Wear it for sunset drinks by the beach with the guys. You could wear it to a date too with a rugged pair of jeans. Your date will be seriously impressed!

As far as the pants, you could always team them up with those spring-summer shirts that boast of a varied palette of colors. The lighter bottoms will allow you to be fun and experiment while still keeping things classy.

Moreover, light color custom suits are a good option for summer weddings too. So our advice would be invest in a stylish suit this summer.

Clean up Your Look

Being cool in summer is all about keeping yourself clean and refreshed. Get rid of all the excess body hair. Long hair is not advisable. Shower more than once and do not let the sweat accumulate. For the office, the crew cut, Ivy-league style or flip back are great options. Trim your hair and keep it short and clean. Let the nape of the neck, sides and the forehead be visible. Get rid of the Justin Bieber bangs if you have any. Not only are they inappropriate for summers but also is a hairstyle that no grown-up man who wants to be taken seriously should sport. Do up some research and find out short hair styles that will look great on your face. A dense beard can be extremely annoying in summers, making you feel hot and sweaty on the face. Go clean shaven or groom it short.

Sport Shirts in Style

So you may not be able to wear the floral printed and the bold colored shirts to work. But, fret not. You can still keep your fashion quotient up by buying a few timeless American styled shirts that are both work and fun appropriate. We are indeed talking about the long-sleeved Chambray shirt. While blue chambray is obviously the most loved, gray is soon emerging as the new blue. Take your pick. We are seriously crushing on the Sean John Chambray shirt and the Tommy Hilfiger Brinkley Western Shirt. The white stitch detailing lends just enough formality to put it comfortably in the office wear stack. For a hot summer day wear it to work with a cool cotton jacket. For other occasions team them with denims and shorts and look oh-so stylish.

There can be nothing more stylish than the cool and classic cotton polo shirt for the casual Fridays at work. Pick a few trim fitting pieces and team them up with your ankle length trousers. Keep the detailing minimal. Stick to the basics when it comes to colors. We recommend Fred Perry, Mango Man, Reiss and Lacoste as the go-to brands when you want to buy one of these classic polo shirts.

The Final Touches

Now that your summer office wardrobe is pretty much sorted out, it’s time you pay attention to the small but significant components of your office look. We are talking about accessories, of course. There is nothing more impressive than a man who knows how to accessorize well. It’s all about keeping it simple this season. A few subtle patterned pocket squares, neutral-toned ties, suede brogues, a fine leather strap watch and a good pair of sunglasses should suffice to keep your summer look stylish and sharp. Also remember to be generous with the cologne or deodorant in summer. Always carry one with you.

So here’s hoping, this post will help you to pick out the summer essentials you need and you will arrive to work in style!


Image Source: i.dmarge.com