3 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes are Safer than Real Cigarettes

When E-cigs first hit the market in 2008 no one was sure if they would catch on or not. But low and behold they are not only selling well these days but they are continually among the highest sales growth products in stores by revenue year after year. Of course as the e-cig sales increase, so has the debate over whether electronic cigarettes are safer than real cigarettes. It is a debate that looks to rage on for a while as more and more research is done on e-cigs. However, just to put your mind at easy, here are three reasons why e-cig use is safer than cigarette use.

They Don’t Produce Smoke

There is a reason why people do not run into burning buildings and one of them is how harmful that toxic smoke can be; in truth that is what you are doing when you take a puff on a cigarette. When you smoke, not only are you taking toxic substances into your body but you are inhaling super-heated smoke too which is also not good for you.


Think of inhaling on an e-cig as going into a sauna and inhaling vapor because that is what is produced by electronic cigarettes. It gives the impression that a person is smoking but they are actually drawing vapor into their lungs. The vapor is produced when a flavored ‘e-liquid’ is slightly heated as it passes over an electric coil. The temperature of the vapor that a person inhales is usually much cooler than that of cigarette smoke.

E-Cig Users Control What They Take Into Their Bodies

Cigarette smokers are at the mercy of the tobacco companies as to what they take into their bodies when they smoke. They have no control over the addictive nicotine quantities or the harmful lung coating bi-products such as tar. Many times a cigarette smoker has no idea what they are taking into their body.

It is quite the opposite for people that inhale vapor cigarettes. E-cigs have flavor cartridges that add bi-products to the vapor that comes out of them. It’s true that users can add nicotine and other harmful chemicals to the e-liquid flavor cartridges, but that is a choice they make not a chance they take. It is also true that those who choose to ‘vape’ can just as easily inhale vapor that is free from any harmful ingredients and can be 100% organic if they so choose.

They Are Non-Addictive as Long as You Don’t Add Nicotine

Research has shown that nicotine is a highly addictive substance and the main reason why people chain smoke. Even though some users of e-cigs do choose to add nicotine to the liquid mix that turns into vapor and is subsequently inhaled; those who choose not to add any nicotine have no repeated cravings for ‘vaping’ and tend to only use the devices for recreational purposes.

It will be interesting to see what the results of all the studies being done on e-cigs will show, but there is already mounting evidence that so far electronic cigarettes are not thought to be as harmful as smoking cigarettes.