Coming hands down on the Tablet: Apple iPad air 4

So now that we have been talking too much on phones, let us now have a look at the tablets by Apple Inc. it might seem early talking about the iPad Air 4, but that’s the new cools; talking about what is not even being thought about!

These however are not the final specifications and details for the iPad Air 4, but a rough idea from what the earlier versions have been like. From the very first iPad in as early as 2010, to the latest ones in October last year, the iPads by Apple have only evolved.

The iPads have a well integrated iOS system, and lets you use net functions such as browsing, messaging and informal calling; while additional ones include Wi-Fi, provision for GPS and many more. Some also have cell integration in them varying upon models!

So now getting to the specifications of the phone, let’s have a look:

A 12X chipset, which means a super fast speed for the phone. I mean what else do you need? The iPad Air 2 was 8X fast, and now the iPad Air 4 is here! So the iPad is going to be a must have for all those who have been looking for fast processing!

Next up for discussion is the screen size! A super Amoled screen with 4K display or an HD one. The screen size does increase with every successor, so we can expect the same from this one too!

Next in line is the camera. Well, if it is an Apple, who cares what the megapixels are unless you get just perfect pictures with whatever it is. The iPad Air 4 is expected to come up with a 20 MP camera, and that is indeed too much and too good too! Also, this one is going to have an LED flash for better pictures and higher quality!

If the phone has so much packed within, the battery backup should be worth it, isn’t it? This one is going to have an amazing battery life and not bug you with that continuous battery low beeping! Isn’t that exactly what is needed to support for a perfect iPad Air 4!

When would the iPad Air 4 will be available, and what price would it be is right now a huge question. With such news about the tablet and such amazing specs that the tab has, it is quite lined up with a lot of expectations!

All of these are however just assumptions, and who knows Apple will provide its users with even better? I mean we have been analyzing the past trends, and we skipped out the iPad Air 3, and here we are talking about iPad 4. But what fun it is in talking what is predictable, Right?

Let us all wait and watch out for the iPad Air 4. This one is well equipped to be an amazing one to the series of iPads, and at the same time change all records for the company! This all makes it stand in the competitive line of Note 6 even.

Happy waiting it is now!