Recent Indonesian plane accident

Recently, an Indonesian army plane crashed on a much crowed place. It is such kind of great accident that, no people, who were in the plane, could save from this horrible accident. About 113 people died in this plane crash. Moreover, as it crashed on a crowded place, some non army people also died in this terrible accident.  So, and the end, the number of the dead people took in a figure of 130 in total. This is one of the most memorable plane crashes of Indonesia.


It is heard that, this army plane was flying to send the relief to a very poor and effected area. But suddenly, because of some technical problems of the plane, it crashed down in a much crowded area. The whole relief team died instantly and their body become just like a fuel by burning with the fire. The local people used to rush at the spot and tried to help the victims with their best way. But within the meantime, they got to understand that, all of their actions will vain as there is no possibility of surviving in this appalling plane crash. However, they just tried to rescue the wounded people, who were injured by having the huge plane on them. They were taken to the nearest hospital quickly. But some of them take their last breathe in the way to the hospital.

After this awful plane accident occurred, another team of Indonesian army was sent to the rescue mission. They reached that accidental spot with all kinds of emergency medical services and also rescue equipment in order to complete their mission successfully. However, they could only collect the corpses and the burned body of the passengers of the plane but couldn’t rescue single of them lively. When they collected these corpses, a very pathetic scene had been occurred by seeing this horrible condition of their very close person.  The all bodies were transferred to their own family members with the proper national respects and dignity. They were also given some money to help the wounded families of those soldiers as this story was covered by this new developing and emerging blog.

The president, prime minister and other important fellows of Indonesia provide their great respect and mourn word to the dead soldiers. The prime minister proposed to help with the best way to the every soldier’s family from the nation. Many other countries of the world also sent their consoling speeches to Indonesia for the mourning plane crash. They also offer the assistance if the Indonesian government seeks from them.

It usually thinks that the most skilled people are used to join the national defence forces to protect their countries from the outsiders’ foes and also serve the nation of their best way. Especially the pilots, who used to drive the plane in various situations, even in the war, have to be the most skilled and cool headed person amongst the all. So, it is assumed that the army plane can’t be crashed by the pilot’s mistake.  The technical problem may be the greatest cause of this huge loss.