Chianti Classico Stage (ITT) Radda – Everything to Know About This 9 Stage Cycle Race

Chianti Classico Stage (ITT) Radda - Everything to Know About This 9 Stage Cycle Race

Chianti Classico Stage (ITT) Radda in Chianti is actually a race between the cyclists from across the globe, and it will be held in Chianti, located in central Tuscany in Italy.  This race will follow 9 stages and the racers should conquer 40.4km, in order to reach the finish line. The important part of this game is that Individual Time Trial (ITT) comes with vertical gain 750m.

The game route that is set for the race will pass through the rolling hills. Each route that is chosen exclusively for the event will be spacious and open streets, on steep side of the mountains. The main goal here is to accommodate as many cyclists as possible and also to minimize the formation of excess number of rows. Every cyclist will obtain Giro Club pass, every time they cross a stage.

Important Information

The entire cycle marathon event will be concluded within a day. A cyclist will be announced the winner only if they successfully complete all 9 game stages as set by the organizers.

About the Race

Every time when the race is held in any part of the country, you will first find the Starting Village. This is the place where everyone involved in the race such as the organizing management, cyclists, sponsors, etc, will meet. The meeting will be held right before the day this race begins.

In such meetings, the racers get to choose Start Package and also an opportunity to meet the fellow riders. In these meetings, the organizers distribute day pass, which is sponsored by Giro Club. This pass is just like the opportunity for the racers to enjoy beverages and drinks from coffee and snack bars, excellent hospitality from the hosts in an exciting environment.

Available Options in Pass Types

There are two main pass types that are available especially for the spectators. They are,

Start Pass Top: This pass includes excellent snack and coffee bar service, along with the right to enter the Verdi Start Village.

Start Pass: This one offers the right to enter Puccini Start Village, along with some special services in coffee and snack bars.

Just like the starting line packages as offered for the viewers, the organizing committee also provides finish line packages. Such packages include exclusive opportunity for the audience to reach the finishing line, before the arrival of the racers. The buyers of this pass will also be provided with the access to exclusively privileged Giro Club Truck, which will be stationed near finishing point.

Race aside, when you visit the beautiful country in the whole world, France, you will wish to make use of your visit to the fullest in this place. Your visit to Tuscany Italy to watch the race can be made exciting by adding some extracurricular activities. One of such activities includes knowing more and also visiting the birth place of tasty and well structured wines, Chianti Classico, in Tuscany.

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