Is Auto Glass Recyclable?

Many windshields that have a crack or other damage on them can be repaired, but still millions of windshields each year end up having to be replaced completely. The total amount of windshield material that ends up discarded per year can equal about six hundred million pounds of glass and plastic. That’s a lot of material to get brought to a landfill–but how much of this material actually could be recycled? Here we will discuss what materials are used in auto glass and how you can go about recycling after your auto glass replacement in Victoria BC.


What materials were used in the making of your windshield?

In order to keep you safe from flying broken glass in the event of an accident and to keep you secure inside the vehicle when there is sudden, strong movement, your windshield is made of three layers. The middle layer is made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is a type of plastic, and the other two layers are made of glass. These materials can both be recycled, but a problem can arise when it comes to separating the materials. It is unlikely that you would be able to bring your auto glass to a recycling facility for yourself, as they will not be able to recycle the material in the condition that it is in.

What can you do to get your your auto glass recycled?

In order to get the glass and plastic of the windshield recycled, the materials will first need to be separated–a process which can be taken care of starting at the shop where you had your Auto Glass Replacement Victoria BC completed. The technicians there may take your old windshield and send it to a recycling centre that they have a partnership with. At that recycling centre, there will be a tool for separating the materials. This may be called a “windshield stripper” and the final result of the use of this tool will be to leave each material in small pieces so they can be reused.

The first thing this tool does is crush the windshield, and following this the plastic is separated from the glass pieces.

What are the auto glass materials used for afterwards?

The materials are mostly not used to make new windshields. However, the plastic can be used in carpet glue and for other purposes, and the glass can be used for concrete blocks, fibreglass insulation, bottles, and more.

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