Jimmy Carter former president of the U.S has cancer

Jimmy Carter who was the president of the United States of America between the year 1977 and the year 1981 went for an elective surgery at the Emory University Hospital recently. According to those that watch msnbc free stream on the internet is that the surgery was to remove a lump in his liver but it was reported that he had cancer that spread to other parts of his body. He made the statement revealing about his disease but not the details.

is that Jason Carter who is his grandson thanked everyone on social media who has supported the 90 year Carter who revealed about his illness. Jason is the former Senator of Georgia. Maybe Carter expected it as there have been several cases of cancer in his family. While his mother died from breast cancer, his two sisters, his father and also his brother are said to have died from pancreatic cancer. He plans to go back to Emory University Hospital for treatment according to the statement issued.

The percentage of the cancer spread was not revealed at the moment but as per the reports on  media is that more information will be given once he goes back to the hospital and facts are known. He has written several books including one that talks about his life which was released recently as well as other topics. He is also the founder of the “Carter Center” that is based at the Emory University.


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