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Why Should You Learn Lean kanban Foundation Training Course

The clients will make an order to a company to provide the products. In the workstation, the products will be manufactured as per their requirements. The workplace will have certain staffs to manufacture the product. But it may rise with any problems at times. This will lead to less manufacturing. If it leads to less productivity, the products will not be delivered on right time. There should not be any interruptions occurred in this manufacturing. In order to avoid that, lean kanban course is introduced as a course to the candidates. By implementing the methods of this course, the candidates can easily handle the manufacturing department. They can sustain expected growth level in the manufacturing areas.

Why Should You Learn Lean kanban Foundation Training Course

What the course is about?

The Lean kanban foundation training course is purely used in the manufacturing departments in an organization. This course will be usefully helpful in the product managing department. The main objective of this course is nothing but to increase the level of manufacturing the products. It is not an easy thing to boost the product manufacture level in a sudden. The candidate will overcome many problems. They have to eliminate and implement the methods which are used to boost their productions. It helps to reduce the bottlenecks during the production.

Within specified time, the products should be delivered to the customers. There should not be any problems rises in the customer’s satisfaction. Various streamlines, lead times and cycle time topics will also be included in this topic to enhance the manufacturing.

Who can do this course?

This may be the useful course, but only certain people will learn this course. They are as follows,

  • Business analysts.
  • High level management.
  • Product and project managers.
  • Programmer and delivery managers.
  • Product and project managers.
  • Product developers, software developers and testers.
  • People working in operations for support.
  • People working in non-software domains.
  • Anyone interested n implementing agile in their operations.

The benefits of this course

The candidates who completed the lean kanban foundation course Singapore will have following benefits.

  • Basic principles and fundamentals of kanban will be taught.
  • Learn how to introduce those fundamentals and rules of the real time applications.
  • Understand how to limit work in progress.
  • Know the tricks to implement the lean kanban to speed up the flow of work and operations.
  • Learn how to manage work obstacles.
  • Know how to respond for changing priorities.


As we all know that, no eligibility is available for this course, any people can learn this course. The main aim of the course is to make the candidates improve their productivity in manufacturing. For that, they will teach many innovative and interesting ideas to be implemented in real time applications. Now, the certification course is available in many places. The candidates can select their suitable institution to learn this course. This will be very helpful to one’s career. So, they can make use of this course to learn. What are you waiting for still?

How to Get a Dream Kitchen and Keep it in the Budget

Are you dreaming of getting a gorgeous kitchen complete with that high end look if so you’re not alone. Kitchens have come a long way from being a functional room to prepare and enjoy family mealtime. Complete kitchen remodels can run as high as $50,000 but experts say the amount you invest can return 80 to 105% you spend when a home is resold. It is possible to update the look of your kitchen, even if you have a limited budget.

Dream Kitchen

Let’s say you have a budget of $5,000 and thinking of giving your kitchen a facelift: repainting the walls, changing out faucets and hardware, installing new lighting, changing the fabric on window treatments or chair cushions can change the look and have a big impact.

With a budget of $15,000 you can add replacing appliances and countertops to your list. By shopping wisely or doing some of the work yourself, you can also afford new cabinets. There are some great deals on lightly used appliances when some homeowners replace appliances to upgrade and don’t wait to buy new ones when they break down.

The average cost of a complete remodel, tearing back to the studs can run $50,000 possibly even higher. Again by doing some of the demo work yourself and carefully selecting materials and cabinets homeowners can manage on a smaller budget.

Options for Custom Cabinets

Purchasing new custom cabinets can eat up a big chunk of your remodeling budget and hiring a cabinet maker is expensive. Pre-manufactured cabinets have really improved over the years and are worth considering. Do it yourselfers can install themselves, saving money and some high quality modular cabinets even come with a warranty.

Affordable kitchen countertops

While most homeowners would love granite or stone countertops they are a pricey item, even engineered stone can inflate your budget. Ceramic tile is a great option and available in a wide range of colours and materials or even laminate can spruce up your kitchen. Solid wood countertops can be cut, sanded and treated to the homeowner’s specifications and worth some consideration.

Kitchen appliances

Experts say a higher end appliance doesn’t always mean a more reliable appliance they still perform the same function. After all, basic models may not be a gourmet chef worthy, but spending your dollars where it counts the most for your needs.

Affordable flooring

When it comes to new flooring the materials in the less expensive choices often prove to be more durable in high traffic areas. Ceramic tile stands up well and is easy to keep clean or consider installing one of the plastic laminates for a different look. Some careful planning will keep your kitchen remodel from blowing your budget.

If are require a custom cabinet maker in Victoria BC, contact Seaside Cabinetry & Design.

Medical Marijuana – Essential Facts That You Must Know

For a number of years,many researchers around the world have been working on analyzing how marijuana can be used to treat various human ailments. In a world, where most of us have been brought up to believe that marijuana is necessarily evil and completely undesirable and even illegal in most societies, it may come as a shock that marijuana may have a number of health benefits. Some essential FAQs that might clear the air:


What do we mean by medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana, as a term, refers to the use of marijuana plant in an unprocessed form or its various extracts to treat diseases or their symptoms. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA has yet to approve of marijuana as medicine, there are currently a couple of medicines in pill form containing cannabinoid chemicals extracted from the marijuana plant that have been recognized by FDA. An increasing number of states in the US have made medical marijuana legal bowing to the argument that there are many chemicals in the marijuana plant that can be effective in the treatment of various diseases.

Why Has the FDA Not Approved Marijuana Plant as Medicine?

For drugs to receive the FDA approval, a large number of clinical trials involving thousands of human subjects must be conducted to establish the benefits and hazards of a probable medication. Researchers have not yet complied with this requirement for the marijuana plant, while the chemicals, i.e. the cannabinoid ingredients of the marijuana plant, have been FDA recognized.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the chemicals that are responsible for altering the state of the mind in a human being that has smoked the marijuana plant. While the prime ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),the marijuana plant has more than a hundred such cannabinoids. Many more have been produced in the lab by researchers and illegal manufacturers. A number of these are extremely potent and can cause serious health issues, if abused. The human body too produces its own share of cannabinoids that play vital roles in controlling the five senses as well as regulating memory, pleasure, concentration, thought,and time awareness, movement of body, pain, and appetite, among others.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Scientists have found that a chemical contained in marijuana – cannabidiol (CBD) has a beneficial effect in the treatment of childhood epilepsy that is responsible for violent seizures in a child. Marijuana plant have been especially grown, and CBD manufactured in oil form for treatment. Users of marijuana as a recreational drug will not be attracted to CBD as the product does not have any intoxicating effect.

How Are Cannabinoids Useful?

Medical researchers are currently focused on the health benefits of THC and CBD. THC has been proven to be effective in reducing nausea and increasing appetite, while other effects, such as reducing pain and inflammation, and issues regarding to muscle control, are under intense study. CBD has the potential for controlling fits of epilepsy, as well as decreasing pain and inflammation, as also the treatment of mental afflictions and addictions. Research on animal subjects have shown that cells of certain cancers may be killed while the size of some others reduced with extracts form the marijuana plant. Purified extracts from the marijuana plant have been observed in one study as being effective in slowing down brain tumor growth, while another study has revealed that marijuana extracts increase the efficacy of radiation therapy used in cancer treatment.

What Other Diseases Are Likely To Be Treated With Marijuana?

A number of preclinical as well as clinical trials are being conducted by scientists with marijuana plant and its chemical extracts for an assortment of diseases such as, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, seizures, pain and inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, mental afflictions and substance-abuse disorders. While research is going on, the extent of the curative powers is not established as is the effect on geriatric patients.

Author bio: Samantha Nolan is a research scientist employed with a leading private drug manufacturer. She has written a number of scholarly articles on both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

Cartridge Identification

Cartridge identification is a very important task for anyone who is an ardent gun enthusiast. It is important to identify the right cartridge whether it is while reloading or collecting. While this may not be the only way to identify the right cartridge, this is one way to go about it: look at the headstamp. If there is one, because in many instances, the headstamp will tell you exactly what it is.

The headstamp is the stamped marking on the top of a cartridge. Information that can be obtained from the headstamp is huge and often depends on the intended purpose or use of the cartridge and even has information as to who manufactured the cartridge. Headstamps usually consists of one or more information details. Cartridges intended for civilian or sporting purposes usually will only have two elements mainly – one specifying the chambering and the other will be information regarding the manufacturer. Military cartridges on the other hand will have a lot more information. This may include cartridge, date and place of manufacture plus other marks which can be used for identifying the cartridge.


Some of the headstamps are segmented. That is, they have maybe more than one segmented lines that divide the head into two or four equal parts. This usually indicates an older cartridge, since most countries discontinued using segment lines shortly after World War 1. Usually, the segment lines are easily identifiable with the clock – face orientation, with the 12 o’ clock at the top, 3 o’ clock at the right, 6 o’ clock at the bottom and 9 o’ clock at the left. Prior to World War 2, the US Military headstamp had two segment lines, one with the factory code at 12 o’ clock and the date at 6 o’ clock. After the war, many arms manufacturer started increasing the quantity it produced over the years, which led to new designs and make without any standardization process.

Some went with three segment lines and some went with the usual four being 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’ clock. Worldwide, there are over 800 Military headstamps in existence plus some over 400 commerical headstamps. All these have come into existence at different time periods through history. Obviously, as you can understand, this has become a complex and highly specialized field.

Apparently, there were about 15 odd companies that manufactured ammunition at various times, particularly during the 1860 – 1900 periods in history. This is apart from the large number of private organizations which manufactured ammunition during the World War 1 and World War 2 time.

Writing about identifying cartridges in detail can go into a whole book which can seem very interesting for a gun enthusiast. Guns and ammunition needs to be studied thoroughly so that you will know which ammunition is apt for which machine. There are several books available in the market which gives detailed step by step instructions on identifying cartridges and ammunition. Or if you need expert advice, walk into Diamond K Brass and talk to one of our experts!

Top 5 Classic Travel Accessories You Can’t Go Without

Whether you a globe trotter travelling often or are simply planning ahead for that long awaited holiday, you need more than just a wardrobe. Depending on where you are going and how long you intend to stay, some travel accessories you just won’t be able to live without – literally! Here are the top five classic travel accessories you can’t go without. (If you do, you’ll wish you hadn’t!)

Top 5 Classic Travel Accessories You Can’t Go Without

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1) Universal Electronics Chargers

One of the most common things that travellers often forget is their mobile phone chargers. However, in recent years it has come to light that travellers are also forgetting iPad chargers and various tablet and laptop chargers. Many people have gone to purchasing one of those universal electronics chargers that have interchangeable plugs, a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead of carrying fifty thousand (an exaggeration of course) different chargers, they just bring along their universal charger that works with every single piece of electronics they own. Just don’t lose the various plugs as you may not be able to find replacements where you are going.

2) Electronics Cases

No matter where you intend to holiday, it is vital to protect all those pieces of sensitive electronics mentioned above. You may want to consider a waterproof mobile phone case or a water proof tablet case as well. In some locations around the world the sun can be shining and it can be raining cats and dogs at the same time. Always protect your electronics from those sudden onslaughts.

3) Sunglasses

Again, many of the warmest places in the world are also the wettest places, except of course the Sahara Desert. Holidaymakers tend to flock to places with exquisite coastlines for a bit of fun in the sun, but do they remember to take their shades? Quite often not, especially if they come from a portion of the world where sunshine isn’t an everyday affair. Those of you in the UK know exactly what we are talking about. For the ultimate in classic sunglasses with trendsetting appeal, you may want to take along a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Manufactured to be durable as well as trendy, you won’t go wrong. Remember, it could rain today and be ultra-bright tomorrow – don’t forget those shades!

4) Power Packs

What if you are out and about on a day trip touring the pyramids in Egypt and your mobile phone or digital camera suddenly dies? Always carry a backup battery pack (power pack) and for goodness sake, keep it charged! These are the greatest things since the discovery of electricity and are often so small they can be carried in a shirt pocket. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check the electric current before you go as you may need a converter as well. You can’t very well recharge that power pack if you are rated for 220 and the current is 110 and vice versa.

5) Rain Gear

So now we are back to rainy days that crop up whilst you aren’t expecting even a mist. It pays to buy those disposable rain capes and a foldup mini umbrella as well. The umbrella is small enough to fit nicely in a woman’s handbag but a man may need to fasten it to his belt loops with a clip. Remember, there really are some places where monsoonal rains come upon you at the drop of a hat with no warning whatsoever. Sounds crazy, but if you’ve ever lived in any tropical location you know it is a daily occurrence in summer months.

There are plenty more classic travel accessories you shouldn’t go without but these are the ones you must not go without. Pack early and check your ‘to bring’ list often. Failing to have just one vital accessory can spoil the day, and that is not an exaggeration.

Car Servicing – The Way of Keeping Your Car Running Longer

Cars have become an essential mode of transportation for people all around the globe. But just like our health, our cars also need a proper check-up to maintain a good condition of the car, and this is where the servicing of the car comes into the picture.

Car Servicing

How Servicing Helps The Car?

Servicing the car helps to identify:

  • Performance from degrading and it can also improve the car performance by adding enhancements that the car supports.
  • Pollution emitted by the car which might result if the catalytic converter in the cars emission system does not function properly, and reduces air pollution indirectly.
  • The current condition of the car, which we sometimes fail to identify such as refrigerant gas in air conditioned cars, the wear and tear of breaks and wheels, and changing of oils, and to fill the gaps that tend to form as your car gets older.

How to Get the Servicing Done?

  • One can get his car serviced by driving to the local garage, but in this regard it is better to take suggestions from friends and acquaintance to get the best service.
  • Most of the services for the car can be availed online, and the greatest advantage is that you can compare the prices, user reviews on the website, can schedule service on particular dates and the best part is that you can keep a track of the services done and to the ones that you need to do in the future.

What Contributes The Cost Of The Services?

  • The local servicing shops charge for their labour and also the time that the technician spent on their car repair.
  • The problems identified after the diagnostic work by technician are captured in a written estimate.
  • The estimate includes the conditions to be repaired and the parts that need replacement.
  • Basing on your decision you can opt for replacement with new parts, remanufactured or salvage parts, because the costs for these vary. But, it is always best to replace with the new parts.

How Many Times The Car Needs To Be Serviced?

  • Every car model has manufacturers recommended timeframe for the routine servicing or a target of running kilometres set, after which the car needs servicing.
  • Getting your car serviced regularly will help to keep your car in good condition and will reduce the risk of high maintenance repair costs after a failure.

How to Get the Best of Services?

  • It is always good to know the basics of how your car works and identify the common problems, so as to understand the services done and also to avoid getting cheated.
  • Always look if the replacement part has a warranty period.

Guidelines for Service and Maintenance

  • Once the service is done, the responsibility does not stop there, the service done must list each repair, supplied parts and the checking of the car’s odometer to make sure the reading is same as before giving it for servicing.
  • There is no definite warranty on the repairs, so it is better to get all of this in writing.
  • You should have a proper understanding on the insurance, so that the repairs that come under insurance can be claimed from the bills provided by the car service garage.
  • Keep track of the maintenance done to avoid similar kind of issues take extra care about that.

Hope this article has made it clear about the importance of car servicing and the steps by which you can get the servicing done. So, next time you are planning for a car service, you can note these things to avail the experienced of car servicing without any hassles. If you would like to know more then let’s go to the details and get some additional information.

What are the Benefits of Injection Moulding?

As you work with your various vendors to obtain the materials you want to provide to your clients it’s important to partner with only those entities that offer you quality, excellent customer service, and benefits that far surpass other methods of manufacturing in the industry. When you want to include some minute details in your parts and use only pieces that are durable and reliable, it may be in your best interest to investigate the benefits of working with a company that specialises in injection moulding processes. Let’s take a look at how your company can benefit from using this method to enhance the products that you offer to your own clients.

  1. If your job requires a high degree of accuracy to meet specifications that keep your products in compliance with local and international standards plastic injection moulding may be beneficial to your company. Should you be part of the medical or bio-medical community, the clean rooms available in some injection moulding enterprises can protect your interests and provide you with exceptional products.
  2. Because various types of plastics can be used at the same time with the moulds, this process offers you a versatility that is second to none. Your moulding company can easily add filler which makes the parts being manufactured stronger and more reliable in the applications for which they were designed.
  3. The parts, products, and supplies made with injection moulding processes are safer to be included in larger products that require rigid specifications to work properly. You can have confidence in the inventory that you offer to your clients if you use this process.
  4. Automation is the focal point of this type of moulding procedure; one operator can monitor and control a variety of operations which tends to speed up production. You can receive your order in a timely fashion and with reduced costs to your corporate budget.
  5. The moulding company with which you partner should be familiar with preserving and maintaining your moulds for future orders; the repeatability factor can help to advance your orders and lower the cost of upcoming orders.
  6. If your company is dedicated to reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to be a responsible steward of the environment, injection moulding is a process that you should explore as you weigh your manufacturing options. All scrap materials can be recycled into new products thus reducing the amount of waste that is sent to local landfills. You will be helping to preserve our environment for future generations here in the UK to enjoy.

With stronger products, and more reliable production schedules and timetables, taking advantage of these features can save your organisation a great deal of time, money, and effort. By leaving the production to a team of injection moulding professionals you can use your time to network with clients, pursue growth for your company, and introduce new inventory to your line of products.

Dandelion Tyres – The Newest Buzzword In The Tyre Industry

With every aspect of our lives moving in the ‘green’ direction, who would expect tyres to be left behind? That’s right, you heard it here first. It’s time for a new age in the tyre industry as well. We are soon going to see natural tyres made from agriculturally cultivated dandelions.

Mitas Leading the Way to Dandelion Tyres

Mitas, the Czech based tyre company is all set to test the first lot of tyres made from rubber extracted from the Taraxacum koksaghyz – a Kazakh dandelion. The extract from the plants will be used in the manufacturing process. They hope to have the first prototype of the tyre ready in early 2015. The tyres will be made from rubber material from the flower as well as some rubber tree latex compounds.

Mitas is not the only company exploring this option, with several other vying to test the prototype as well. But in the long run, the hope is that dandelion tyres will become a reality and we will soon see the natural tyres going into production in the next few years.

Dandelion Tyres - The Newest Buzzword In The Tyre Industry

A New Age of Tyre Manufacturing

The sales and marketing director of Mitas, Andrew Mabin announced in a media release that they are constantly examining new ways to use natural and renewable materials to produce the tyres. He also said that the research department was actively engaged in finding ways to improve the manufacturing process by searching for substitutes and new raw materials.

Mitas has joined hands with DRIVE4EU, which is a project dedicated to demonstrate and encourage the production of natural rubber from the dandelion plant. DRIVE4EU is a special project which aims at developing products from extract of the dandelion plant to replace vulcanized rubber. Its objective is to make the European Union less dependent on imported rubber materials. Mitas is actively supporting this movement and is at the forefront in research and testing for the use of the dandelion in tyre manufacturing.

Jiri Brejcha from Mitas emphasised that the idea is to have a European manufactured tyre made from cultivated plants grown within Europe itself. This move to produce agriculture tyres from natural dandelion will prove to be a big step in tyre manufacturing reducing the burden of having to import rubber and other raw materials.

A flower that is abhorred by many for disturbing their precious garden landscapes may very well become the new hero in Europe. While the Kazakh dandelion is a wild cousin of the traditional dandelions, we may soon see fields of the flower planted in bulk across the European landscape if all goes well. It is expected that researchers will need a few more years of trial and error experiments to create the perfect dandelion plant which can produce the first natural tyres for this huge market. There is a long way to go, but the ball has started rolling in the right direction. Only time and the tyre tests will tell. But we do expect to see a new wave in the tyre industry for sure.

This article has been written by the chief tyre expert and renowned consultant at Tyre Shopper UK, Azzam Sheikh.

Choosing A Good Tires And Wheels Package For Your Car

We can upgrade different parts of the car to improve its overall appearance and performance. One of the areas we should focus on is the wheel and tire packages. Purchasing these components separately could be very expensive and it would save us money if we choose to buy an entire package. Obviously, it’s recommended to look on the internet to get the best deals, but it also acceptable to go to local shops and choose these packages directly.

Many car shops offer these packages and include the installation costs with the overall price. There could also shops around that fit the package as part of the deal for free. It would deliver a fantastic saving, especially if we’re not sure about the actual cost of the installation job.

Choosing A Good Tires And Wheels Package For Your Car

It should be much better than installing the package, because we need to be sure that the tires and wheel will fit perfectly with the car. This could potentially save us thousands of dollars, because there’s a possibility that the package we bought doesn’t work well with the car. The type of parts used should also determine the overall cost. Obviously, the 20-inch wheel will cost us less than the 24-inch model. The finish we choose also has a significant effect on the overall price.

Depending on the quality, a single tire alone could cost us more than $1,000, especially if we need some additional features. That’s the reason it’s worthwhile to consult with local shops about packages that fit our requirements. As an example, tires with special treads could make us safer in slippery road during rainy season or winter. Properly designed wheel could also improve appearance, while ideally engineered tires can deliver better performance.

In some areas, summer can be especially hot it’s necessary to choose model manufactured with special compounds. This allows us to get much better grip on very hot roads. At the same time, summer tires could enhance handling efficiency and performance, while improving braking and other related aspects.

By choosing good tires, we could be sure that the rubber will grip on the road, regardless of the weather. The tread on the tire improves the grip and handling. It can make a huge difference in braking, traction and cornering. Tread also drains water from the tire surface and this ensures better stability in wet weather. The size of the tire really affects the gas consumption of our car. Larger tires will improved the miles per gallon, but it still depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Silver and black are typical colors of the rim, but it is possible to custom-paint them. Road cards should look better with black, grey and gun metal colors, while shiny metal or chrome is ideal for more expensive cars. Tires should be adequate to handle the car’s weight and some undersized models could be woefully inadequate.

The change in diameter should be no more 5 percent larger or smaller than the factory recommendation; while some SUVs could still accept tires that are 15 percent larger.

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How we get a lease car in less expense

People often desire to be rich and own a house, a car etc., and spend all their lives earning it. They take up various jobs and tasks to support their living and have a comfortable life. But given the fact that cars are getting increasingly expensive by the day, it may not be possible for each and everyone to be able to afford their favourite ride right when it comes in the showroom. Thus, dreams of many people remain dreams until the end of time and only a select few with a lot of wealth get to live their dreams.

Cars have always fascinated human beings who have found them to be very stylish and dashing besides the (needless to say) utility extended for travelling. People use cars for more than just travelling. In the early days of its introduction in the consumer market, cars were of great benefit to all human beings. With time, more powerful and better model cars were manufactured with improved looks. Quite a lot of people started giving equal importance to the appearance of the car and its performance. This led to a changed mindset of leading car manufacturers all over the world as now the much overlooked appearance of the car also had proven to drive customer satisfaction and utility. Thus, there was a balance in priorities about performance and visuals of the car. As time passed, cars started becoming more common so owning a car was not as prestigious and celebrated as it was once. However, owning an attractive car with amazing looks was still breathtaking for the onlookers.

One could of course go ahead and choose to own a high performing car but the performance of a high performing car or an average car was not something that could be vastly differentiated. And add to that, the car didn’t obviously reflect whether it was high performing one or an average car. If something could be established after paying a mere glance at it then it was its appearance. Banking on this changing trend, a lot of car manufacturers have benefitted tremendously by producing some of the most attractive cars with sheer fascinating looks.

It is needless to say that better looking the car is, more expensive it turns out to be.  And it might not even be possible for all of us to be able to afford expensive cars in the market. Thus people compromise and settle for mediocrity. This is the lifestyle people are prone to adapt to. But today, you have a reliable and definite option of owning and driving your car for as long as you wish. And guess what? You need not have to pay high amounts to drive your dream car, the amounts which the car manufacturers mark them up for sale in the showrooms. If you still do not believe that this is possible then give cheap car leasing a try. With the help of this, automobile services you have the option to own almost any car of your choice at a much reduced rate. Thousands of people all over the world have recognised this system of car leasing and have participated in it. This has led to a large number of people eventually realising their dream which otherwise would not have been possible had it not been for cheap car leasing.

So, if you happen to have a dream car in your mind, one which you always wanted to own or drive, but cannot manage all the money to purchase it, we recommend you to give car leasing a chance and experience your dreams come true.